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Pedals are recognized by windows as is the Accuforce, the GS4, and my Fanatec shifter. Do you already have an account? Once I received the product I had a few minor technical and user issues. This lonely bar makes more sense if you have other SimXperience devices plugged, in which case they will be listed as well. How do I get rid of this. Enter your optional promotional discount code and click the button to the right to apply the discount. I have my Accuforce in Assetto Corsa setup up wonderfully except for the oscillating on straights.

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The AccuForce already has a wheel and a button box that together weigh nearly 4lbs! Provided of course, you fed it a lap that perfectly captured your driving style.

I understand with the holidays they must be busy, but another issue is that a friend of mine who recommended the accuforce to me sent an email himself and received a response the same day.

Sets the range of rotation for the wheel. So I decided to cancel my order.

Posted May 13, Similar to friction, you should start with setting this to 0. Overview Features Cars Tracks. Jan 6, 1. Or change something in simcommander? In the past they have handled every accuforve request i made to my satifaction. A higher value will reduce the tendency for the wheel to bounce when it hits its limit imposed by the Degrees of Rotation.


Force feedback clipping is now a thing of the past. Try switching between both to see which is better, I have a feeling it’ll be better with Foundation for PCars with the oscillation turned down. Posted January 27, This setting only applies to the Game FFB slider.

Overview Features Cars Tracks Media.

I have the leather version of the AccuForce rim and it’s a good rim, but obviously i prefer my momo mod Exclusions The following are NOT covered and are excluded from this warranty: Do you mean, don’t calibrate the wheel in Pcars? However, if you’re the tinkering type, then keep on reading because this force-dizzle, is about to sizzle, forizzle.

Very Dissapointed in Simxperience Accuforce customer service

Coiled cable limit is degrees. Or sign in with one of these services. Automobilista to Feature McLaren Cars? However, if the game requested 12Nm, then AccuForce will give you 12Nm because you haven’t exceeded its 13Nm limit.

I won’t go into the details of each, but hopefully after playing with the settings covered here, you will have enough on your own to explore the rest. Contact the makers of your input device for info. Quantity 1 You have entered an invalid Value!


Problem – Accuforce wheel and Game FFB freezes. Windows 10 issue? | Sector3 Studios Forum

Aha, did you read carefully? On the latest fresh install of windows the AccuForce drivers accuforcd not even installed and only the steering axis is recogized without FFB. Smoothing Sets how much to remove noisy or spikey FFB signals.

Posted July 3, edited. However, if you understand what the wjndows do, you will be able to judge if the wizard came up with something sensible or not. Close your SimCommander, never open it again, and enjoy your games.

Simply contact our dedicated customer support team to request a return authorization number.

The only other thing I can think of is a hardware conflict or a poor connection in the AF cables. Adjusts to fit many mm to mm real racing steering wheels Includes quick release, allowintg users to easily clip on additional steering wheels USB 1.