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Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Dirty pages are the pages in memory that have been updated but still not written to disk. See also this blog entry by Reinhard Tartler. It has to be disabled to solve the issue. When you select a user, a new Fingerprint login field is available to enable the use of the fingerprint sensor instead of the standard password. Reducing this value may improve overall performance for a typical Ubuntu desktop or laptop installation.

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This double method process is true at anytime. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. With Linux, you can tune how much RAM based cache to use for dirty pages and how frequently to flush that cached data back to disk.

This article is published “as is”, without any warranty that it will work for your specific need. USB auto-suspend is enabled by default. It can allow you:. See the Fedora’s wiki. Bus Device Gerard Klaver is working on a driver for Authentec fingerprint readers, see his page. With this encryption protocol, connexion may be impossible, the adapter not being able to obtain an IP address.


You can also tune the behavior of memory swap. It then fetches those binaries and their dependencies into memory for faster startup times. But, if you want to be able to fully exploit this laptop possibilities, you still need to do some specific configurations for:.

But, you may get into trouble when using WPA2 encrypted networks.

To reflect the boot parameters modifications explained previously, you need ass2501 set them as the default battery mode parameters. Basically, some parts might not be exportable from the United States. This problem comes from the This article will explain how to configure Ubuntu Precise File block are then being freed first. Since the finger print is normally “stored” all over the keyboard.

Biometrical Authentication in Debian

On the same aspect, to be able to use the fingerprint, you need to blacklist it from the devices handled by auto-suspend. To display it into the topbar, you need to install the gnome-shell-classic-systray extension:. After short tests, I decided to set vm.

A brand new hard disk is able to handle between and head parking cycles before failure. It monitors applications that you use, and by analyzing this data, predicts what applications you might run.

Laptop mode tools allow you to tweak APM parameters explained earlier when switching to battery mode. In addition, it allows you to tweak a number of other power-related settings using a simple configuration file. You can easily check your head parking counter with smartctl tool. Setting up laptop-mode-tools 1. When Authentec was contacted in January ofthey also stated that they were working on a linux driver, to be released within six months. It has to be disabled to solve the issue.


Your fingerprint authentification will then replace your password aees2501 login or su.

How to use AuthenTec, Inc. AES Fingerprint Sensor in bash script

They work with the bioapi 1. Thanks to the Fprint projectyour fingerprint sensor can be fully supported under Ubuntu. When you select a user, a new Fingerprint login field is available to enable the use of the fingerprint sensor instead of the standard password. Once your fingerprint has been registered, everything is ready for your llinux authentification. If I can help somehow, for example testing sth.