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I am getting so tired of this crap. Message 3 of 10 Views. Message 2 of 61 37, Views. The say PB has a problem communicating with each other. PunkBuster kicked player ‘My Nick Name’ for 0 minutes It’s just dumb that I can’t even play.

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Solved: RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [] – Answer HQ

View More on EA Proram. I am a volunteer and not work for EA. Message 7 of 10 3, Views. The most common cause for this is a security or anti-virus program. I have no hacks, or cheats or whatsoever. A code is classified as an “Attempted Bf4 disallowed program Hack”.

Which, in this case, is 1: Notice how i said try. March I think I may have found a solution.

Zombies Games Plants vs. If someone’s post has solved your question, click the white “Accept as Solution” button and mark it as solution so it bf4 disallowed program help others bf the same problem. Message 1 of 10 1, Views.

I’ve played BF4 for a couple of months and now suddenly all it does is kick me for the same reason. To bf4 disallowed program lrogram out, Click Start, right click on “Computer” and select “Properties”. January I filled out a punkbuster ticket and they are currently helping me work through the problem. Message 2 of 10 1, Views.


A lot of people are reporting this, enough so that it is clearly a false positive. The pressing your keys fast sounds like what it could be. Solve world hunger while bf4 disallowed program are at it, because that is just as likely. Try upgrading or downgrading your GPU drivers.

I’m afraid if this continues PB block my account, I dont know exactly how bf4 disallowed program works. I get it from time to time, now I think it might be Avira Antivirus. I bought Something I can’t even play.

That way I can share with the community what conclusion I came to. Message 7 of 10 Views.


January no fire wall and ive played 6 games with no pb kicking disallowrd. Bf4 disallowed program Survey No, Thanks. If you feel my posts can help someone then link them the page the post is on.

Zombies Games Plants vs. Only happens bf4 disallowed program 2 to 3 maps and well into about 20 minutes of game play.


RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [130827]

Just for the hell of it If this helps,pleas click the white XP button and add some XP to me If this orogram your question,click bf4 disallowed program green solution button and mark it bf4 disallowed program solution so it can help others with the same disallower. Maybe I’ll try that one later. Hopefully, this Summer holidays I can get some great action in; the maps on CS: This is suppose to be fun not a troubleshooting exercise.

PunkBuster kicked player ‘xxx’ for 0 minutes