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Will bring more of such …. Doug March 1, at Therefore I went out and teed the ball lower than normal to see what happend and I can say that they all sailed happily off into the sunset. It still has the visual contrast that helps alignment, but is more mainstream than the previous white headed models. The company said the channel, which it referred to as a Speed Pocket, let the face flex more at impact, creating more ball speed and more distance, even on mis-hits. Everything started going further.

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Still, TaylorMade gave the JetSpeed driver a position adjustable sleeve that allows golfers to increase or decrease loft by up to 1. Did the Jetspeed perform better for you than the sldr? When you change the loft you will change the lie of the club and whilst there is also an upright lie option on the hosel, it is still fixed with the loft so it you need a neutral lie, then try and get the head loft nearest to your required actual loft.

Will bring more of such …. How will those compare?

TaylorMade JetSpeed driver | Golfweek

Uther Supply Golf Towels. But, the launch monitor sure seemed excited about it.

Bright clothes, yes, bright driver heads, oh. Well they could have, but as all driver faces are already at the legal speed limit COR to do so would have put it over the top, so it required some re-engineering.


TaylorMade M4 Iron Review. The company said the channel, which it referred to as a Speed Pocket, let the face flex more at impact, creating more ball speed and more distance, metspeed on mis-hits. The JetSpeed was easy to hit right out of the gate and it never felt squirrelly.

I’m 68 yrs old and have a low back injury for many yrs and my golf swing is not really very fast. It is cbange forgiving on mishits. But it is still a little jarring to see the pure numbers.

Changing your loft on an adjustable driver

I recently bought a Taylormade Jetspeed So I got my old club, as well as other new clubs fhange proceeded to hit them all, same distance as before. The sound is not a big thwack nor a whimpy ting. Which driver is more forgiving? Adam Staelin September 16, at 2: So someone told me about the Jetspeeds dynamics and being an equip. By The Numbers 11hr ago Future of golf: Doug March 1, at Write a Review Rate This Product: Launch angle leads way as game immerses itself into analytics Brace for impact.

Jeyspeed familiar is the head graphics on the crown which are remarkably similar to the TaylorMade Burner driver with a few dashes of the current corporate colour of blue.


Chan Joe May 6, at 9: Got this used this year and started using llft this season of My average drives are and it has been the same on every club. Now, with the December release of the JetSpeed driver, the company says it has enhanced the channel and built it into a big stick. Weight is another key factor these days and at just under grams, the JetSpeed driver felt very light.

Taylormade Jetspeed Driver

Playing partners, team members, important sponsors, …. The confluence of new …. Guide to planning a Bandon Dunes Golf Trip.

Whether it be limited adjustability, matte black crown, or the stripe on the head cover, the vibe is way different than recent TaylorMade drivers.

And now that it is almost 3 years old you can get it really cheap.