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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Not Specified by Manufacturer. Just like a traditional organ, you can increase or decrease the flute footages and add percussive sounds to the various organ voices. More items related to this product. Effects include reverb and chorus for added richness, and two pedal inputs give you further control over dynamic expression.

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The S has styles including two that are not in the Then there’s a Music Finder that instantly calls up the best-suited voices, tempo and accompaniment styles to match the music style or song name you want to play.

These features are probably what stood out the most for me as far as the Yamaha PSR-S is concerned. The Vocal Harmony feature automatically produces backups when you sing into a microphone plugged into the keyboard. There are 17 harmony types. Three of the following files with “V2” for Version 2 in their file names are re-issues to correct OTS voicing errors.

If you’re into organ, you should love the fact that you can create your own original organ voices on the Yamaha PSR-S Therfore I do not understand why I have been asked to write anything.


Re-voicing was applied only to the OTS voices, where necessary. Write a review sruuurrtdtdauzbszwqxcvwccdwwdwfdvbsdz. With the MegaVoice feature, performance techniques pst used along with the basic samples of the instrument. Yamaha Keyboard Keyboard Stands. Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano with Piano For All. You may also like.

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And how about the various styles? The keyboard also features Internet connectivity, which allows you to connect to Yamaha’s Internet Direct Connection service without a computer to download MIDI files straight to the instrument. There’s also a video out for live performance or karaoke. Just connect a microphone or guitar to your keyboard and record your performance as audio data to a USB storage device.

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Consequently, I did not post any of those conversions here. So it’s all about your personal preferences and your pst. I hope it lasts longer than my first one.

Articulation and Mega Voices. Good keyboard, easy to use and great sounds! All of those conversions produced nothing but dissonance.


All you do is call up a song title and Music Finder does the rest. Effects include reverb and chorus for added richness, and two pedal inputs give you further control over dynamic expression. I was not the highest bidder I was not the highest bidder. The large, color LCD display lets you view a music score, text, or z900, and the built-in speakers provide powerful stereo sound.

These should also work on many other earlier keyboards although you may have to adjust the OTS. These are mostly Pro styles. Right now I am just writing to fill up space to satisfy your computer. Comments Have your say about what you just read!

Yamaha Vintage Electronic Keyboards. This is my second yamaha psr s See any errors on this page? This keyboard comes with pr full-size keys with Touch Response.